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Sea Cottage

Sea Cottage stood above the rocky beach alongside the boathouse slipway, facing the South Westerly gales. For over thirty years it was home to Old Henry Miller’s son Jack, his wife 'Miggie' (Alice White Rose) and her mother Martha, a lively, quick witted East Ender known to all as Granny Rose. In 1943 Jack and 'Miggie', both aged 77, were evacuated to a cottage at Langton Matravers near Swanage.

Sea Cottage in ruins, taken from the shore, c.1960

Sea Cottage c.1910

Looking over Sea Cottage to Flowers Barrow  

The bank, on which Sea Cottage once stood, in 2012

Sea Cottage in ruins, looking towards the bay, c.1960

Sea Cottage, from the shore, c.1910

Coastguards are providing trips around the bay

Just behind is Sea Cottage where the Miller Family lived

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Sea Cottage c.1930

Looking out over Worbarrow Bay