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The Grebbell Family

George Grebbell (1822-1900)

George Grebbell was born at Stonehouse in Plymouth, Devon in 1822 and joined the Coastguard Service on 19 July 1841 at the age of 19. He married Jane Moore (1828-) at Stonehouse in 1847.

In 1852, George and Jane were at Kimmeridge and had a son, Frederick John Grebbell baptised there. Unfortunately he died shortly after birth.

By 1855, George and Jane had moved to Kimmeridge Coastguard Station with their two children, George Moore Grebbell (1853-) and Edwin John Grebbell (1854-1931), both born in Devon. By the time of the 1861 Census, George and Jane had three more children, Francis William Grebbell (1856-), Emily M Grebbell (1858-) and Frederick Grebbell (1861-). living in the Coastguard Cottages.  The 1861 census listed Francis William as Thomas William. George and Jane had three more children, all born at Kimmeridge: Harriett Grebbell (1862-), Phoebe Caroline Grebbell (1863-1872) and Annie Jane Grebbell (1866-).

George moved from the Coastguard Station at Kimmeridge to the Coastguard Station at Worbarrow Bay, and six of their children attended Tyneham School. The school log for 22 November 1872 notes that ‘one of the 3rd Standard girls died from brain fever after a fortnight’s severe suffering - much regretted by all’. Although not named, the 3rd Standard girl was Phoebe Caroline Grebbell. She was just 9 years old. She was buried at Tyneham on 28 November 1872 (see burial entry below).

Phoebe was the subject of an article that appeared in Dorset Life magazine in July 2010 entitled ‘A funeral at Tyneham’ written by Ian Ruff. Click on the image below to read the story and to see a postcard image of the Worbarrow Coastguard Station.

George Grebbell left the Coastguard Service on 30 April 1873, less than six months after daughter Phoebe’s death. The family returned to Plymouth. George’s wife Jane died in 1884 and two years later George married Mary Ann Harris. George died in 1900 and Mary Ann in 1910.

George and Jane’s son George Moore Grebbell married Fanny Louisa Ridout, daughter of John and Elizabeth Ridout (nee Bartlett) of Tyneham. They had a daughter Annie Elizabeth Grebbell who was baptised at Tyneham on 30 July 1882. Fanny was widowed by 1891 and Annie died in 1893 aged 11.