Welcome to Tyneham & Worbarrow - where time stopped in 1943

Below you will find links to a wealth of information for visitors and researchers alike

Tyneham & Worbarrow are OPEN FOR NINE DAYS in March 2024 as shown in green above
Tyneham & Worbarrow are OPEN FOR EIGHTEEN DAYS in April 2024 as shown in green above
The main track from the car park towards Tyneham Farm and down to Worbarrow Bay is OPEN
Tyneham is Dorset's famous ‘lost’ village. In November 1943 all residents were told to leave within 28 days as the area was needed for forces’ training. On 17 December 1943 the last residents left believing one day they could return. Sadly this was never to happen. "Some people went to live with relatives. Some took 'temporary' accommodation. The season was cold and wet, the upheaval was too much for some of the old ones and those who had made a living from the sea and had nothing to live for without it. They alied and pined and died. They might have lived long and happy if they had not been torn up by their roots. "

Today, the village is still part of the Army Ranges but access is now allowed most weekends and all public holidays (see ‘Opening Dates & Times’). Take a walk along 'The Row' past the old Telephone Kiosk, wander in the empty shells of the cottages, visit the exhibitions in the old school, the church and barn at Tyneham Farm. Take a casual stroll down to the beach at Worbarrow Bay. Let your mind think of days long ago when the former residents went about their daily business.